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This couple who shares a birthday just welcomed their first baby – on their birthday

How names are shaped by society and history
How baby names are shaped by society and history 05:12

For the Scott family, Dec. 18 is a big day. 

Cassidy and Dylan Scott, a married couple from Huntsville, Alabama, just happen to have the same birthday. This week, they welcomed their first baby – on their birthday. 

For the couple to have their baby on their birthday is a one in 133,000 chance, according to Huntsville Hospital for Women and children, which shared the family's story on Facebook.

Their baby girl, who they named Lennon, arrived at 12:30 a.m. on Dec. 18 – just in time to celebrate. 

Cassidy and Dylan Scott, a married couple from Huntsville, just happen to have the same birthday, December 18. This week, they welcomed their first baby – on their birthday.  Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children

To celebrate their birthdays, here are more fun stats about babies and birthdays.

While this phenomenon is rare, in 2017, another couple who shared a birthday also welcomed a baby on the same day – and it happened to be Dec. 18, just like the Scotts. Luke and Hillary Gardner of Baldwyn, Mississippi, welcomed their son Cade Lee Gardner, 27 years after they were born. 

The family's birthday, Dec. 18, is actually a common one – ranking No. 56 out of all days, according to reporter and data journalist Matt Stiles, who compiles data stories for his blog, the Daily Viz. Stiles compiled birth data – the average daily births each day – from 1994 to 2014. 

Out of all the calendar days, including leap day on Feb. 29, the two least common birthdays are Jan. 1, ranking at No. 365, and Dec. 25, ranking at No. 366, according to Stiles. Leap day, which only occurs every four years, is also uncommon, ranking at No. 347. Other uncommon birthdays include Christmas Eve and July 4.

The most common birth day is Sept. 9. September has some of the most common birth dates overall.

Stiles emphasized that there isn't much of a difference between average birth rates for most days. Sept. 9 averaged 12,301 births, but the median births per day is 11,000. Christmas Day averaged 6,574 births and New Year's Day averaged 7,792 births. 

Some notable celebrities share a birthday with Cassidy, Dylan and Lennon. They include Billie Eilish, Brad Pitt, Sia, Christina Aguilera, Stephen Spielberg, Katie Holmes and Stone Cold Steve Austin, who were all born on Dec. 18.

The name Lennon ranked No. 236 in popularity for baby names in the U.S. in 2021, according to the Office of Social Security. That means last year, 1,268 babies got the name, which is 0.071% of total female births in 2021. The name first broke in to the top 1,000 names in 2013, ranking in at No. 932 and steadily climbing the charts since. 

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